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Elias operates as a distributor and retailer for a wide variety of products from alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to beauty & personal health care products, and our goal is to become one of the strongest players on the market. Our policy is conceived of our passion and dedication for constructing trustful partnerships.

Our Direction

We are here to develop a brand that will exceed the expectations of our clients and of our partners and we aim to become a reference for excellence in distribution in this market. We develop leaders at all levels who achieve business results, exemplify our values and lead us to growth and success.

What Motivates Us

Elias Travel Shop was born out of the need for specialization in distributing products for Duty Free markets. The large experience we gained, made us to be recognized in the market as the perfect supplier for the most popular Duty Free brands.

WE DELIVER ALL OVER THE WORLD and across borders

Our presence on the market from Asia to Europe or America draws our awareness that a modern distributor has to exceed the old business patterns, and needs to offer its partners a complete support in logistics, marketing and sales by developing distribution solutions.
We constantly strive to add value in all we commit to. Our project is ambitious and we will continue to expand to new activity hemispheres. We aim to strenghten our good positionh by ensuring the access to new technologies and techniques for distributing in this niche. Our objective is to deliver the ordered products in the shortest time, anywhere in the world.

We develop our activity through our own network, of bonded warehouses and transportation, so that we can react quickly and flexibly to special requests and urgent orders.
Elias takes full advantage of international market prices fluctuations, offering regularly, extremely favourable purchasing conditions for premium products and international brands.

  • Supplier to cruise companies
  • Supplier to military camps
  • Supplier to Diplomatic community and international organization
  • Supplier to airlines and supplier of products to Duty Free shops
  • Supplier to border shops at the EU border
  • Supplier to Duty Free shops in the Non EU border
  • Supplier to border shops in airports
Elias // Travel ShopElias // Passion for Business

“You have to learn the rules of the game

And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Albert Einstein

Competitive Prices 95%
Quality Level 80%
Products Range 70%
Efficient Collaboration 90%
Building Partnerships Based on Trust and Respect

Our successful, long term partnerships are proof that trust and respect are extremely important to us. We stand out of the crowd by delivering the perfect product mix at an extremely advantageous price/quality ratio.
Our credibility and efficient communication are proven by the results obtained in developing our clients. Each partnership is a plus of performance and optimizations of the products range and price/quality ratio.
In order to keep a healthy and a strong collaboration with our customers, we focus on precise delivery, which brings benefits for all the parts involved.

We Add a Plus Value To Your Business

We constantly strive to take everything we do to a next level. We believe, this adds significant value to the experiences of both our partners and clients. Our strong and ambitious project will continue to extend to new ares of activities, strengthening our position even more on the market. This way we can continue to gain access to the latest innovations in the field of our niche of products and their distribution.
Our company is committed to expanding the product ranges at a highly competitive price/quality ratio.
We lead in the marketplace by developing and delivering the requested products and services, everywhere in the shortest time possible.

Responsive team

At Elias Travel Shop you will find a team formed during years of hard work and hundreds of clients served with professionalism.
Surprising results require a well bonded and coordinated team od passionate people. The constant care for specialization and novelties makes us present and flexible for turning any dream into reality.
The constant care and concern for our partners and product mix is part of our professionalism. In Elias, the team is committed to offer to the customers the right products at the best prices, through excellent service standards.
The success in distribution means more than delivering right, it means to anticipate and think in perspective and to be one step ahead of others.

Perspective 95%
Flexibility 80%
Passion 95%
Hard Work 88%

Fast and flexible

We develop our activity through our own network of bonded warehouses and transportation, in Romania and worldwide. We are specialized in logistics of excisable goods, therefore we are ready to ensure all formalities and procedures regarding logistics precesses and customs regulations.
It is very important for us that the merchandise arrives to the customer in perfect condition. Our warehouses, located in Romania and Rotterdam, Netherlands, are over 5000 sqm.
The key to our success is: precise synchronization, constant updates of the merchandise monitoring system and most advanced logistics platform.










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Don't hesitate to contact us. Our main objective is distributing alcoholic and non-alcoholic products, but our offer is diversifying step by step, including besides drinks, consumer products as well food, personal care products, cigars, and bar consumables.

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No. 9, Iosif Vulcan Street, 2nd floor
Oradea, 410041, Bihor County, Romania

Email // office@elias-trading.com
Phone // +40 359.437.428

+40 722 159 074